Jill Addison, the host and creator of the Do It Yourself Video Package, has helped hundreds of small business owners and financial advisors like you generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business by leveraging cutting edge video marketing strategies (powered by YouTube, Social Media and Email Marketing) to grow your business quickly.
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Jill has produced everything from promotional videos to short films to exercise videos to infomercials, and she produced a feature film that's been seen internationally by millions of viewers.

Now, she's packaged her fast and easy process for producing 1 and 3 minute online video commercials into an online training to help you get up to speed on creating your own online videos in less than one day. You'll learn how to script, shoot, edit, and upload your video to YouTube, and optimize it for Search, just like Jill does in her professional 1 and 3 minute videos.

Jill lives in San Diego with her husband, who is also in the video production industry, and with her baby boy/girl twins.

Three important facts for you to know about online video:

First, your online videos will help you make a personal connection with your prospective clients online, helping them know, like and trust you, which leads to new business for you.

Second, your video will also keep them engaged on your website 6 times longer than without video, which will help you rank higher in search engines as well as engage your visitors in a more personal way.

And third, your videos will accelerate your digital marketing results on your website, your email newsletter, your social media platforms, and any other digital platforms where they are featured.

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