Do It Yourself Video Package

You’ve been hearing about how it’s critical for you to get your digital marketing strategies in place to move with the times, stay current, and position your firm for long term success.

But maybe it all seems too overwhelming...

Maybe you just want to dip your toe in the water and see how you like it before you jump in head first.

Well, now you can.

If you already know you want to invest in the Do It Yourself Video Package, just click the button below.

This DIY Video Package is an easy, quick way to try out video marketing for yourself without investing alot of time or money.

Just sit back and watch this handful of videos to help you...

  • shoot your own videos like a pro
  • feel like an expert when it comes to technology
  • understand how digital platforms work so you don’t feel like a dummy
  • impress your kids with your YouTube savvy
  • Get up and running with your first professional-looking video in no time

The DIY Video Package helps you get all this by walking you through, step by step, exactly how to create professional looking (and sounding) video using equipment you already have (hint: your smartphone is the only equipment necessary).

Here’s What You’ll Receive with your DIY Video Package:

5 easily digestible videos to show you...

  1. How to create Scripts that gets results
  2. How to Shoot video that looks professional and how to get high quality audio
  3. How to Edit your videos for free, without buying any editing software
  4. How to upload your video to YouTube and optimize it for search
  5. How to Optimize your entire YouTube Channel for search

And this package also comes with a complimentary 30 Minute Consultation to help you strategize your message and trouble shoot any technical questions you have.

You’re welcome.

We’re so sure you’ll get tremendous value from this Package that we’re backing it up with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so there’s no reason not to try it out.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Did You Know?

"You are 53 times more likely to appear on Google Page 1 if you have a video on your website." (Forrester Research)

"Best search engine in the world. Obviously, you have to have video to be there." (

"Video used in email marketing increases click-through rates by over 96%." (Implix 2010 Email Marketing Trends Survey)

"Website visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy." (Internet Retailer)

Those are hard numbers to ignore.

You may be asking yourself, but why is video so effective for marketing?

Let’s take it down to a personal level.

Top 5 Reasons why online video works to grow your business

1. Video helps you make a personal connection.

  • Video is the next best thing to meeting someone in person.
  • People like to do business with people they know, like and trust.
  • Video helps you become that person your prospective clients know, like and trust, faster and easier.
  • The kind of personal connection video creates is especially important for service providers, since what you’re really selling is yourself.

And if you’re afraid to be on camera, don’t worry, they’re gonna love you!
And remember, “Everything you want is right outside your comfort zone.” It’s worth it, and you can do it.

2. Video accelerates the sales process.

  • In a traditional sales process, your prospective client has to find you, then meet you in person, then you close the sale, and then you get to do business with them.
  • What if you could take out several steps in that process?
  • How much time and effort would that save you?
  • With online video, your prospective clients can find you online because they’re already searching for you there.
  • They can “meet” you online, and after they watch your video, they’ll feel like they already know you and want to do business with you.
  • People have watched my video online, and then called me up and said, “When can we get started?”
  • It happened for me, and it will happen for you.

3. Online video increases engagement on your website.

  • On websites with video, the average viewer stays for 6 minutes.
  • On websites withOUT video, the average viewer stays for only 57 seconds.
  • That extra 5 minutes of engagement can make all the difference between them picking up the phone to call you, or clicking off your site.

4. Online video increases your search engine rankings.

  • When you post a properly optimized video online, you’re 53 times more likely to appear on Google Page 1 than with just a website.
  • That’s because online video is a rising trend, and not that many people are in the space yet.
  • You might be competing against thousands of other websites for your key search terms, but only a handful of online videos.

And I saved the best for last...

5. Online video is leverageable.

First, online video leverages your time.

You do the work once, and then it keeps working for you, 24/7, with no ongoing effort from you.
What do you think would happen to your business if you were meeting hundreds of people every week? Your business would explode, because it’s a numbers game.
The more people you meet, the more sales opportunities you have, the more you’ll sell.
But who has time to meet hundreds of people every week?
That’s where online video is your new best friend.

Think what you could do with all the time you’ll save.
You could use that time to work on other areas of your business that you never seem to get to, or to spend more time with your family and friends, or it could even add up to being able to take off and travel and do all the things you always want to do, but can’t, because you’re too busy working in your business.

The second important way you can leverage online video is that you create one asset but distribute it across multiple platforms.

The same video can appear on:

  • Your Website
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Email Newsletter
  • Google Profile

...just to name a few, and more sites are allowing video uploads all the time.

The DIY Video Package is valued at


But is now discounted to just

Here's the really good news...

Today’s technology makes it possible to:

  • make videos that look really good with very affordable consumer cameras or even your SmartPhone.
  • use editing equipment you already have access to for free.
  • distribute your video for free online on your website, social media sites, blog, email, and of course, YouTube, the second biggest search engine in the world.

So when you can produce your video for a very low cost, and get it seen by the audiences you care about for free, there is no reason not to use this powerful tool to grow your business.

And think about what you’ll get when you grow your business:
that great feeling of success, maybe for you it means creating more time to spend with your family and friends, or having freedom to travel and just do whatever you want to do, or to grow your business even more.

"The Do It Yourself Video Package helped me finally realize my goal of using video to grow my business. I've purchased many information products, but this is the best one by far. I loved how it was organized, and the tips I got on script-writing alone were worth the whole price of the program.  I devoured the whole thing in less  than 3 hours. Within a week I had my own video online, and now I'm inspired to make my YouTube Channel a main driver in my business."

Asa Beavers
Business Coach
"I knew how important videos were to a successful marketing plan but was always unsure and even afraid of what to do and what to say when making a video. That all changed after I attended a webinar that Jill hosted called the “Do It Yourself Video Package”. It was amazing and here’s why.

Her approach was simple…her ideas and suggestions were practical and her tips and video techniques were easy to follow and accomplish. She explained things in a way that anyone could understand and comprehend and she made you feel comfortable and confident that you could actually make an awesome video.

I was so impressed that I purchased her special offer which included “how to” videos, downloadable starter notes and a phone consultation.

I’ve made my 1st video and for me it was a huge success…and I did it all from home AND with the tools and equipment that I already had and owned. My second video is in the works and I know that this training and coaching on how to make a great video is going to make all the difference for my business. Thank you Jill!!!"

Jan Rogers
Independent Marketing Distributor

"The Do It Yourself Video Package saved me from making costly and time-consuming mistakes and helped me get on the right track for the enormous amount of video I need to produce for my business. I enjoyed moving through the material since it was very well-organized, engaging and easy to use. The material provides practical information on creating videos, and I particularly like that it is broken into short sessions that are easy to digest. I am much more confident about my ability to grow my business with video."

Keith Johnston
Leadership Coach and Trainer

"The DIY Video Package was just what a beginner like myself needed. During my 20-minute coaching session, Jill taught me some simple editing in YouTube. I am convinced the tips will make my weekly video social media post so much better. Thanks, Jill!"

Janice Saunders
The Jazzy Life Expert

"The DIY Video package is the best $97 I've spent in a while. After going through only a little bit of the material I was able to do things like, use my natural light effectively, produce a short clip that I was really pleased with, and get a sense of the very few additional pieces of equipment I'll need to make a ton of videos for my business!"

Stephanie Holmes-Winton
CEO of The Money Finder

Example of Results:

Watch this short video as an example of what Stephanie (above) produced after being trained by the Do It Yourself Video Package. You could do this too!

The DIY Video Package is valued at


But is now discounted to just

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in 14 years of video production experience and bundled it together for you in this strategic package.

You'll discover:

  • You'll learn how to write a script that gets results. You won’t have to struggle, trying to figure out what to say and wondering if you said the right thing. My fast and easy process will walk you through it step by step, using the same exact process I use to script videos that get results for my clients.
  • You’ll learn how to shoot your own video so it looks professional. I’m going to teach you all the secret techniques professionals use to make their videos look awesome. These techniques are simple to implement, but if you don’t know them, you’ll have a hard time filming anything useable.  You’ll learn how long your video should be, what kind of background is best for your video, what colors to use, and a whole lot more.
  • You'll learn how to use free lighting sources you already have access to. Lighting is key in making videos look professional, and so many people get this wrong.
  • You’ll learn how to get high quality audio, which is a must. It’s a weird paradox, but good audio makes video more watchable. I’ll teach you how to improve your videos 100% just by using this simple technique to get great audio.
  • You’ll learn how to edit your videos for free without buying any editing software. I’ll walk you through how to structure your video and make it flow right, where to find royalty-free music and I’ll reveal the number one secret that pros use to make their editing quick and easy. You’ll also learn my most powerful tip for how to make your videos generate inbound leads.
  • After you’ve created your video, I’ll show you how to upload your video to YouTube and optimize it for search. Only a small percentage of online video is actually optimized to be found by search engines, and I’ll show you step by step how to do it.  (These videos about YouTube will be continually updated as YouTube continues to change their interface.)
  • I’ll also walk you through how to create and optimize your entire YouTube Channel for search. Not only is YouTube the second biggest search engine in the world, it’s also owned by Google, so who do you think Google is going to prioritize when it’s looking for video content for its search engine results? YouTube. YouTube is a non-negotiable for your business, you have to be there.

Personalized Coaching

  • You’ll get personalized coaching with me, Jill Addison, in a half hour phone consultation.
  • I can review a video you’ve already shot, answer any questions that come up for you, or solve any problems you have related to doing your own video.

Audio Files

  • Besides these videos that will walk you through all the key principles of video production, you’ll also get the audio files of all the content so you can listen to it on the go. (Mp3 format)

7 Downloadable Documents

You’ll receive 7 downloadable documents to walk you through the video production process step by step, including:

  • Script Template
  • Sample of a good Script and Why it Works
  • What to Wear Checklist
  • Diagrams of how to position yourself in the frame
  • List of places to find royalty free music
  • List of equipment recommendations for camera, lighting, and editing software (including my number 1 recommended camera and number 1 recommended editing software)
  • List of ideas for how to promote your video online

BONUS #1: List of online resources to go into more depth on many of the topics we’ll cover.

BONUS #2: Starter Notes to help you absorb and apply the material, and you can add your own additional notes as you go.

All this information will save you tons of time.
You won’t have to research it all online yourself, and you’ll avoid making time-consuming mistakes.

You’ll have access to the Do It Yourself Video Package for one full year.

The DIY Video Package is valued at


But is now discounted to just


In less than one day, you could be completely up to speed on online video and equipped to do it all yourself.

You may be thinking...

“I could learn all this on my own.”

You’re right, some of this information is available online.

But how much time will it take you to track it all down and research everything from scratch?

I’ve selected all the pieces of information you need to know and assembled it into this easy to digest video training so you have it all in one place and you can become an expert in video production in just a few hours.

I've spent years honing my skills, developing my knowledge of video production, and researching resources online for you, so you don’t have to.

Expert Credentials

I’ve created more than 100 videos for small business owners here in San Diego with my fast and easy process to help them grow their business, and I’ve gotten them great results.

One client called me after their video was posted on their website and told me they had gotten a new account every single week since the video went up. That’s the power of online video.

So let’s take a closer look at how this can work for you.

What You Get:

5 easily digestible videos for training $ 350     Value
Audio files and continued Follow Up Learning (Mp3) $ 200     Value
7 downloadable documents full of Templates, Checklists and Resources $ 225      Value
Personalized coaching with Jill Addison
in a half hour phone consultation
$ 250      Value
Total Value of "Do It Yourself Video Package $ 1,025      Value

So the total value of the Do It Yourself Video Package is $1,025.  Normally this is marked down to $497 to help Do It Yourself-ers get a head start. But for you, we are discounting this pricing even more to make it quick and easy for you to get started with your digital marketing and see success faster.

As a Bonus: you’ll receive Starter Notes of the content for each video (this is something I’m throwing in for free).

You’ll get access to this Do It Yourself Video Package website for One Full Year. (Extensions available on request.)

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We're so sure this content is going to give you a great return on your investment, that we're offering a 60 day Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with this online training, we will refund the entire amount of your investment. And you can keep all the downloadable documents as our free gift to you. All I ask is that you tell me if something was missing for you so we can add it and make this training even more valuable. And there’s one more huge way I’m going to make it impossible for you to say no to this opportunity. If you buy this training and at the end of it you think, “This is harder than I thought” or “I don’t have the time to do this,” I will credit you the amount you paid for this training toward a professional video with me, shot on location in San Diego.

I will do the whole video for you professionally at my regular Package rate, and you’ll get a credit of the amount you spent on this training to apply toward your own professional video (shot on location in San Diego).

I’ll script your video, shoot it, edit it, upload it to YouTube and optimize it for search for you.

Take action NOW on this opportunity to leverage your personal presence online and grow your business like you’ve never seen before. I’ll see you on the inside of this online training with all the information you need to know to be an instant video expert. Click the button below to get instant access to the Do It Yourself Video Package.

The DIY Video Package is valued at


But is now discounted to just